The 21st Annual Capstone Engineering Society Golf Tournament + Silent Auction will be held on Monday, October 4, 2021 (subject to change) at Old Overton Country Club of Vestavia Hills, AL. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming more manageable, we will still be offering a virtual component of the event to increase engagement opportunities as well as offer ways to support the Capstone Engineering Society Endowed Scholarship Fund. We look forward to having you with us, whether in person or remotely, and thank you for your support.
21st Annual Golf Tournament Virtual Rules

2021 CES Golf Tournament message from Dean Karr


“While the encouragement we receive from professors and professional staff is a great motivator, it is the personal drive created by a true feeling of investment and belonging that drive each and every one of us to do more, and to be more, for ourselves and the family that has taken us in here. My education has taken off with your action as an integral catalyst.” – Jimmy McGrath, Computer Engineering, Senior

“Your gift lessens the financial burdens of this endeavor on my family…. I know that my education is giving me the tools I need to succeed as a chemical engineer. In the future I can see myself applying the knowledge I have accumulated as well as the interpersonal skills I have developed through my engineering classes and involvement in extracurricular activities to become a well-regarded and exceptional engineer….With your support I know I can do great things with my future.” – Annaliese Baietto, Chemical Engineering

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